Commercial Package Policy

With a wide variety of coverage options commercial policies offer competitive, flexible coverage to meet your needs in one policy. Let us work with you to customize your policy in the following areas:

Building and Contents

Protect your operation from:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Impact by aircraft, spacecraft or land vehicles
  • Lightning damage to electrical appliances
  • Riot, malicious acts and vandalism
  • Smoke damage or leakage from fire-protection equipment
  • Windstorm or hail
  • Rupture of heating or plumbing system

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Guarantees that your building will be repaired or replaced regardless the cost.

Business Interruption protection

Lets you insure your loss of income, continuing expenses and employee wages if the suspension of normal business is due to the damage or destruction of your building as this could have a catastrophic impact on your business.

  • Boiler and Machinery Coverage
  • Liability Coverage
  • Crime Protection Coverage


This coverage is designed for a one to two person operation to provide an affordable and simple approach to meet your coverage needs. Coverage is provided to protect hand tools, trade stock, supplies and liability. Whether on your premises or on a job site you will have $5,000 (can be increased) miscellaneous tools and replacement cost on items up to five years old. Depending on your needs you may want to take advantage of optional installation coverage or contractors’ unlicensed mobile equipment.
3. Residential Business- This is a competitively priced residential business insurance policy with superior coverage. Some people assume that they have adequate coverage under their policy for their home and/ or personal belonging. However this isn’t always true. Some policies provide limited coverage for incidental business pursuits however coverage gaps may occur leaving your business uninsured. A few features of this policy are:

  • Commercial property floater
  • Sewer backup
  • Electronic data processing floater
  • Earning insurance
  • Extra expense insurance
  • Accounts receivable insurance
  • Valuable paper and records insurance
  • Commercial general liability
  • Crime protection


A Surety Bond is a guarantee by the bonding company (surety), to the owner (oblige), that the contract will be fulfilled by the contractor (principal). There are a variety of bonds that a contractor may require in the course of their business such as:
Bid Bond- This type of bond may be required when a contractor bids on a project. It guarantees the owner that if the contractor is selected for the project that the contractor will honor the bid they submitted, sign a contract to do the work and provide any further bonding required to fulfill the contract. If the contractor backs out they must compensate the owner for the difference between their bid and the next lowest bid. If the contractor doesn’t compensate the owner, the bonding company must pay out under the Bid Bond.
Performance Bond- A Performance Bond guarantees the owner that the contractor will perform the work that has been contracted to them. If the contractor fails to do so, the bonding company must make arrangements to complete the project or pay the bond penalty. Performance Bonds should be requested before beginning work on the project.

Labour and Material Payment Bond

A Labour and Material Payment Bond ensures that suppliers of labour and materials used on a project and covered by the bond will be paid.

Energy Pak

This policy is designed to give eligible oil and gas industry operations comprehensive protection and competitive pricing. For hazardous chemicals to crowded work sites to heavy equipment your business is at risk every day. You pride yourself on using the best tools to get the job done but what about the best insurance to protect your business? This coverage is designed to protect your business property and financial assets. The comprehensive liability coverage provides protection when you’re at fault and at risk of being sued. It also provides liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury that others may suffer on your premises or from your business operations or products.

Value Pak Family

These policies were created to meet the unique insurance needs of small – medium sized business owners. Coverage options protect a wide variety of businesses. To best meet your businesses needs coverage options have been divided into the following seven categories:

  • AutoService Pak
  • Building Owner’s Pak
  • Office Pak
  • ProService Pak
  • Retail Pak
  • Restaurant Pak
  • Trades Pak

All of the above packages come with protection for physical property and liability risks in their respective category.