Preventing Vehicle Theft

October 07, 2016


Follow these simple steps:

  • When leaving your vehicle, make sure the visible interior is empty. Lock parcels and other valuables in the trunk.
  • Remove your stereo's faceplate and take it with you whenever you leave your vehicle. If this option isn't possible, consider investing in a vehicle anti-theft device like a vehicle alarm.
  • Never leave your vehicle running and unattended, even with the car locked.
  • Always shut windows tightly and lock all doors.
  • Don't leave a set of keys in the vehicle and don't mark your keys with personal identification or your vehicle's licence plate number.
  • Don't leave your vehicle registration in your car.
  • Avoid parking your vehicle in dark areas or near trees or fences, which provide hiding places for thieves.
  • Always keep your vehicle inside the garage, if you have one. Keep all doors and windows of both the vehicle and garage shut and locked.