Changes to Deferred Inspections

April 25, 2022


       As of April 18th, 2022, SGI will be changing its policy regarding deferring an inspection on a vehicle that requires one. Deferring an inspection allows for the creation of a conditional registration that lasts for 28 days to allow you time to have the inspection completed. Previously you could defer the inspection on any vehicle for 28 days once, two 8-day permits and four 24-hour permits. Now the 28-day deferral is only available if IRE responds. If IRE does not respond at the time of the transaction only the 24- hour or 8 day permit options will be available until IRE responds. There are three possible situations where an inspection may be deferred.


  1. The vehicle was previously registered out of province. 
  2.  If the vehicle was purchased from a dealership brand new and the New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) is brought in.
  3. If the vehicle was imported from another country and the purchasers has the necessary forms to prove it, such as the K22 Import form.


If none of the above proof documents can be provided, only 8-day and 24-hour permits are available to allow time to have the inspection and any necessary repairs completed. The number of permits you can purchase for a vehicle that requires an inspection remains the same.